your Segway experience Merseyside futuristic world of the Segway while testing your skills around the twists and turns of an awesome Segway Rally Course that will show you first-hand just what all the hype has been about. This exciting, high-tech experience begins with a safety briefing

How do the vouchers work Once you have purchased your gift voucher, we email you a copy of the voucher. You can also choose to share the email address of the gift receiver, whom we will also send the eVoucher to.
The voucher can then be used to book your Segway Tour online (or by phone if you choose to do so). Each voucher comes with a SmartCode, that tells us what the voucher is for, and what it includes.
Why not print the vouchers on gloss paper? Or have a printer such as VistaPrint to print the voucher onto nice peice of card and make your gift voucher stand out.

​sorry  vouchers are off line  to purchased for now 
content="EVHX6pnHBN2T2UzAM5jO1fQee0XL2WUfXonEyK7qa9M" />Segway Experience £50.00, saving £20 Buy Christmas gift voucher for two to enjoy a 1 hour Segway at Liverpool